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Model STARSHIP Ⅲ is patented product, high-quality all in one solar street lights which has passed CE/FCC/RoHS international certificates, specially designed for commercial projects. While providing the lighting experiences, also bring a brand-new product visual impact to users and add a unique decoration to project contractors! STARSHIP Ⅲ models are widely used in streets, roads, path of residence, lodge, farm, square, orchard, park, parking lot and other areas.

● All-in-One lamp housing;

● Anti-UV surface treatment;
● Exclusive design patent;

● Ornamental and practical;
● Super bright optical lens;
● Latest power management;
● 3 continuous rainy days battery backup;
● Microwave PIR motion sensor mode;

Advantages of STARSHIP Ⅲ all in one solar street lights:

Model STARSHIP Ⅲ all in one solar street lights adopts LED optical lens design, the lens can effectively gather the light from LED light source to improve the brightness and reduce the light loss. The light efficiency of the traditional reflective cup is increased by more than 20%. At the same time, the lens of model STARSHIP solar street lights is made of PC (Teijin Brand from Japan) material, and the transmittance after processing is as high as 92% which is much higher than 80% of the glass transmittance; The whole lighting efficiency is increased by 30%, and the irradiation area is increased by more than 25%. 

Note: the lens of STARSHIP Ⅲ all in one solar street lights can be used normally in the high temperature range of 125 ℃ and the low temperature of - 40 ℃. The lens will not turn yellowish and brittle within 5 years. The material has approved many international certificates.

Porject Installation Sites Recommended:

● Parking lot
● Road of factory & school
● Street of industrial park
● Street of residential area
● Road of countryside
● Road of remote areas 
● Footpath of park
● Road of tourist area
● Residential area streets of urban area

Fast Charging

MPPT charging scheme, high-efficiency fast charging solution, charging efficiency 
improved by 50%

Super Bright

PC (Teijin Brand from 
Japan) material, as high as 92% transparence which is much higher than 80% of the glass transmittance

Durable & Practial

Light Up 365 Nights, a true dusk to dawn powerful all in one solar lights

High efficiency solar panel of STARSHIP.jpg
Super bright LED of STARSHIP.jpg
Microwave motion sensor of STARSHIP.jpg


Project Cases

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