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Model ARKO/ ARES/ HADES is a delightful Solar Bollard Lights, not only for its practical lighting brightness, but also for its ornamental features; The whole area it lights up could be full of holiday spirit. Widely used for high end properties such as hotel, garden, villas, lawn of courtyards.

Its major advantages are as followings:

● 2.4G Magic Remote Group Control;
● Large LifePO4 Battery Pack True Dusk To Down;
● Ultra High Brightness LED Light Source;
● IK10 Vandal-Resistant Durable Quality;
● UV-Resistant Bollard Lamp Shade;
● Different Heights Available;
● Can be Installed As Bollard/ Post/ Wall Lights.

Advantages of Model ARKO/ ARES/ HADES Solar Bollard Lights:

Model ARKO/ ARES/ HADES Solar Bollard Lights is a large market demands LED solar garden lights among Gatesea' worldwide customers, for its durable quality, excellent lighting performance, and its competitive factory direct sale prices, welcome to contact Gatesea sales team for more product specification and cooperation terms. Model ARKO/ ARES/ HADES Solar Bollard Lights has round lamp head and square lamp head, with up to 3 days autonomy. Light head can be packed seperatedly from pillars easily, it can creat a very bright lighting performance , and light color can be set easily with 2.4G remote control within max 30 meters distance. It is very suitable for hotels, gardens, parks, etc. it integrated high efficiency MONO solar panel with high efficiency of up to 19.5% and A grade LifePO4 battery pack to store the power. A mirror reflector in tower shape is fixed inside of the light fixture in order to increase the lumens output and gives a more uniform lighting performance. Once the battery is fully charged, the light is able to work for 3~5 days on very cloudy or rainy days.

Model ARKO/ ARES/ HADES Solar Bollard Lights head is individual from the pillar which can be easily mounted with a small driver,  it is IK08 and IP65 rated. White version (WW+DW+CW) and RGBCW version ( 2.4G remote control ) are available. Customers can buy only two types of light heads, but can buy 4 kinds of pillars, it makes selling will be very flexible to satisfy any customers' requirements but with less stock..  The pillar's height can be customized according to customers' requirements.

1). Dome made by polycarbonate with a high transmittance ratio 96% to protect the solar panel from the strike, it gets an excellent performance in impact resistance which reaches to IK10++ level.

2). Nice curved design dome on top of the solar panel, no dust will be accumulated, all the dust will only fall on the polycarbonate dome and be easily flushed away when raining.

3). Designed based on a high specification, using high efficiency Mono solar panel and super quality of LifePO4 battery, it offers a continuous lighting output for all night and backup for 3~4 nights. 

4). RGBCW full-color models are available. Any color you like can be set via the 2.4G wireless touch remote control.

Porject Installation Sites Recommended:

● Pathway of Parks/ Garden
● Footpath of residential area
● Lawn of countryside
● Footpath of tourist area

Ultra High Brightness

More quantity of high brightness of led chip are adopted, luminous efficiency is more than 220lm/W. More bright creating good lighting performance.

6AH LifePO4 Battery Pack

Big battery capacity with 3 days autonomy once fully charged. battery lifetime is superb long lifetime more than 10 years without maintenance.

2.4G Magic Remote

Any color can be set by 2.4G remote control, one remote can drive 50 units within max distance 30 meters. Creating fantastic atmosphere at night easily.

Full Colors

RGBCW full-color models are available. Any color you like can be set via the 2.4G wireless touch remote control.

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Project Cases

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