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Project Solar Lights

The luminance, lighting hours of the project solar lights reach the standards of urban road lighting design.

Project types of solar street lights should be in strict accordance with the design requirements of road lighting and meet the lighting duration of more than 12 hours per night with high lighting brightness. The full power output brightness throughout the night will definitely increase the power consumption. Therefore, solar street lights used in engineering must have solar panels with high conversion rate to charge the built-in lithium battery with large capacity. And can ensure that the project types of solar street lights in rainy or cloudy weather at night normal use. The latest power management system is innovatively developed by Gatesea, which is matched with the exclusive patent MPPT controller. Compared with other suppliers, the solar street lights used by Gatesea can better meet the lighting requirements of engineering roads in different countries and regions, and truly ensure the procurement of engineering contractors.

Why Chose Project Solar Lights Over Grid Lights?

  • Anywhere is exposed to direct sunlight can be installed not restricted to grid power.

  • No wiring and trenching work, easy installation, reduce budget and labor costs.

  • No electricity bills after initial invest, lifespan of LED luminaire 50,000 hours, solar panel >25 years and LiFePO4 battery cycles 4,000 times the whole project solar lights can be perfectly working at least 11 years.

How To Set Most Appropriate Project Solar Lights?

  • Tell Gatesea project site's coordinate, for sizing solar panels.

  • Tell Gatesea street/ road width/ pole heights, for sizing luminaire watts & battery.

  • Tell Gatesea requirements on lighting modes, for programing intelligent controller.

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