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Model HYPERION Integrated Solar Street Lights is a project type lighting requirement base designed powerful integrated solar street light. Classic integrated ( All in One ) design, with upgraded lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery pack, not only increase cycle time, but highly prolonged the light's working time, multiple lighting modes can be easily switched for different scenarios by remote.

Its general advantages as followings:

●  High-efficiency Mono Solar Panel;
●  Durable Aluminum Lamp Housing;
●  High Brightness Optical Lens LED Light Source;
●  Lumen efficacy of LED ≥220 lm/W;
●  Buckle Design, Easy to Install;

●  Tools-Free Maintain;
●  Top-quality LiFePO4 Battery ≥ 4000 Cycles;

●  High Energy Density LiFePO4 Battery;

●  Non-flammable, Non-explosive;

●  Latest 4th Generation MPPT Controller;
●  Group Street Lights Control

●  ZigBee Communication.

Advantages of HYPERION Integrated Solar Street Lights:

1). One-piece aviation aluminum profile 6063, all-aluminum alloy material, anodic oxidation process, anti-corrosion, good heat dissipation, long life service;
2). HYPERION Integrated Solar Street Lights is patent design, anti-theft design;
3). Monocrystalline silicon solar panel with more than 25 years of lifespan, high charging efficiency up to 24%;
4). Top-quality LiFePO4 battery with more than 4000 cycles of lifespan, high energy density, non-flammable and non-explosive;
5). LM79 light efficiency upto 230 lumen/watt, which could brighten the same lumens but save more energy;
6). Patented street lamp special lens, type II rectangular light shape, good uniformity, no dark spots;
7). Patented indicator light design, people could check the charging status and discharging status of the lamp at any time;
8). All materials are strictly inspected before they are put into storage and they are produced on a fully automated production line, with high outout and stable quality;

9). HYPERION Integrated Solar Street Lights obtained more than 40 patents, complete certifications, CE, ROHS, IP65,CB, IECEE. NOM, TIS, IEC, UN38.3, MSDS, CE-RED, ISO9001:2015, factory certification, etc.

Porject Installation Sites Recommended:

● Parking lot
● Road of factory & school
● Street of industrial park
● Street of residential area
● Road of countryside
● Road of remote areas 
● Footpath of park
● Road of tourist area
● Main street of urban area

2,000 To 15,000 LM

Professional light distrubution, super brightness

MPPT Controller

4th generation controller with Internet of Things

Buckle Design 

Tool-free install, save cost & easy maintenance

4,000 Circles

Newest Generation LiFePO4 100% power output

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