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DIAMOND Ⅱ solar street lights updated the LED street light source, it adopts the super bright 5050 LED beads, add mircowave motion sensor as option, equipped larger capacity new LiFePO4 batteries, ensures a outstanding street lights lighting proformance for world-wide comsumers. 


The lights is capable to light up 365 nights. Its aesthetic original design, practical features and powerful lighting performance obtain lots of good reputation from customers of different countries; Recommended for sunny regions, like South America, Southeast Asian countries, Africa countries.

● Super bright optical LED lens

● Larger size high efficiency solar panel

● Larger capacity A grade LiFePO4 battery

● Multiple lighting modes truly last dusk to dawn

● Microwave motion sensor for option
● Aesthetic/ Practical/ Powerful
● OEM service ( laser customers' company brand )

Advantages of DIAMOND Ⅱ All In Two Solar Street Lights:

DIAMOND Ⅱ series all in two solar street lights is a Private Mould; It has been the Best Seller of distribution all in two solar street lights when it was pushed into global wholesale markets; Our wholesaler customers in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa had good profits by marketing this model. DIAMOND all in two solar street lights, can be mounted on outer wall, or fasten on the lamp post, pole. With full set of mounting accessories. Welcome to contact our sales team to get products specification.

1). High lumen: brightness increased by 30%;

DIAMOND Ⅱ solar street lights adopts LED optical lens design, the lens can effectively gather the light from LED light source to improve the brightness and reduce the light loss. The light efficiency of the traditional reflective cup is increased by more than 20%. 
At the same time, the lens of model DIAMOND Ⅱ solar street lights is made of PC (Teijin Brand from Japan) material, and the transmittance after processing is as high as 92% which is much higher than 80% of the glass transmittance; The whole lighting efficienc is increased by 30%, and the irradiation area is increased by more than 25%. 

Note: the lens of DIAMOND Ⅱ solar street lights can be used normally in the high temperature range of 125 ℃ and the low temperature of - 40 ℃. The lens will not turn yellowish and brittle within 5 years. The material has approved many international

2). Large luminous angle, 25% increase in irradiation area;

Through professional optical design, DIAMOND Ⅱ solar street lights is equipped with an optical lens of 150 * 70, and the luminous angle is at the same installation height, 25% larger than the traditional 120 degree irradiation area.

3). P-Mos charging, charging efficiency increased by 20%;

DIAMOND Ⅱ solar controller through PWM control P-MOS charging, unique charge and discharge management system, with more efficient, charge and discharge efficiency. For example: 6V / 30W photovoltaic panels are commonly used in the market, and the peak charging current is 5A; DIAMOND Ⅱ solar street lights uses 5V / 30W photovoltaic panels, the charging peak current is 6A, and the charging efficiency is increased by 20%.

4). Smart power management system, extra-long battery lifespan;

We are committed to meet the needs of customers Light Up 365 Nights, Gatesea has developed an smart power management system in cooperation with the University of Electronic Science and Technology to make sure our product not only has higher charging efficiency, but also can actively identify the amount of charging per day, so as to independently adjust the capacity to achieve a better rainy day efficiency.

5). Motion sensor for optional;

Gatesea provides 2 version for optional: normal type and sensor type. As for sensor type, during senor mode, benefits as follows; Much higher lumen output and longer discharge time, brightness will be 30% higher than normal type; What's more, multi mode optional: radar mode for whole night, constant lighting mode for whole night, and switch to radar mode after constant lighting mode; As for the area with extreme weather or season, where lack of sunshine, sensor type can save electricity to meet the requirements from customers on Light Up 365 Nights.

Porject Installation Sites Recommended:

● Parking lot
● Road of factory & school
● Street of industrial park
● Street of residential area
● Road of countryside
● Road of remote areas 
● Footpath of park
● Road of tourist area

20% Faster

P-MOS controller faster to fully charge battery

30% Brighter

Optical lens effectively gather LED light source

25% Wider

Optical lens angle 150*70° illuminate larger area

12 Hours, 365 Nights

Larger battery ensures 12hours per night year around

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Project Cases

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