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Commercial Solar Lights

Patented luminance, high brightness of the commercial solar lights light up every night in 365 nights.

There is a huge demand for Commercial Solar Lights such as solar street lights, solar flood lights, etc, which can easily be installed on backyard walls, driveways, lawns, open squares, side streets, and remote places off the grid. Gatesea's commercial solar lights not only has high brightness, good quality, long lighting time, more than 12 hours of light every night, and 3 rainy days for battery backup; Gatesea's commercial commercial solar lights are better designed, more beautiful, more durable and more affordable than those made by other suppliers, so distributors around the world are happy to work with Gatesea. 


Gatesea insists on leading the market with high-quality products. It uses the actual lighting brightness of the product, the working hours of lighting every night, the number of days used for commercial solar lamps on consecutive rainy days, as well as the exclusive appearance design and better lighting performance of the product to win the recognition of consumers around the world.

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How To Buy Most Appropriate Commercial Solar Lights?

  • Buy lumens not watts, watts marked only a name not REAL power.

  • Ask supplier for commercial solar lights certificates and specifications.

  • Inferior ones look same as qualified commercial solar lights but different inside the lamp housing, check quality of solar panel, LED light source and battery.

  • Good sales engineer will guide customers to buy the most suitable commercial solar lights accordingly to their acutal night lighting requirements.

How Long Do Commercial Solar Lights Last?

  • They last between 8 and 12 hours at night, depending on the rechargeable batteries that they use.

  • On average they can last between two and there years before you need to replace the rechargeable batteries.

  • LiFePo4 lithium iron phosphate batteries should last between 2 years and 4 years.

Gatesea Tips On Commercial Solar Lights & Other Solar Powered Products

  • For footpath/ packing lot all in one solar lights.

  • For remote roads/ alley/ driveway all in two solar lights.

  • For residential area security solar camera flood lights.

  • For outer-wall of back yards security solar flood lights.

  • For footpath of park/ garden solar garden lights.

  • For lawn of park/ garden solar bollard lights.

  • For holiday /  party / gathering events solar RGB strip lights.

  • For cooling solar fan.


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