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In some important intersections and remote areas, monitoring equipment is installed on solar street lights, which can effectively ensure traffic safety, and personal and property safety. Through the 4G network, users can view the monitoring picture in real time anywhere in the world, and the camera will push information to the user's mobile terminal for alarm when they encounter dangerous situations. STARSHIP solar street lights can provide both nighttime lighting and 24-7 monitoring services. Well address the needs of the global markets.

Its general advantages as followings:

● Superior street lighting
● Reliable safety guardian
● Durable & practical quality
● Modern fixture design

● Government projects choice

Advantages of Camera STARSHIP Integrated Solar Street Lights:

Camera STARSHIP solar street lights can be remotely turned ON/OFF through APP, also with the function of multiple people watch online at the same time, monitor motion alert, etc...bring the newest IOT intelligent technology experience to the customers, such
as taking photos, recording, play back, timer on lamps...fully meet the requirements on lamp & camera from end users.


The ultra-low power monitoring program independently developed by Gatesea R&D team, which consumes 60% power less than the normal ones in the market. Maximally reduce the camera demands for solar panels and batteries, which means more competitive price for Camera STARSHIP solar street lights. Meanwhile, it also provide a good effect during rainy & cloudy days. 24 hours working & induction mode switch, ensure 365 days lighting & monitoring.

Equipped with 400M Pixel(1080P) HD chip and lens ensure the high definition video and pictures. Meanwhile, with day and night full-color function, also cause an excellent monitoring effect during night.

During the early stage of researching on Camera STARSHIP solar street lights, considering the complicated outdoor conditions, we provide both WIFI & 4G version for optional, which can cover different application area. What's more, with special design on 
enhanced signal, ensure the strong signal penetration which never will be dropped. If signal get disconnected due to the bad network, the camera can be automatically connected after recovering. 

Both APP & PC platform, which can meet the requirements for multi devices monitoring at the same time; The platform support different language, which can be set up according to the language settings of your smart phone. More stable, safety, reliable,convenient; Camera could be rotated by 360 degree,no worry on the installation angle, convenient installation.

Porject Installation Sites Recommended:

● Parking lot
● Road of factory & school
● Street of industrial park
● Street of residential area
● Road of countryside
● Road of remote areas 
● Footpath of park
● Road of tourist area
● Main street of urban area

4,500 To 12,000 LM

High lumen: brightness & lighting area increased by 30%  

Fast Charging

Fast charing with intelligent MPPT controller 50% faster

Monitoring & Lighting

24-7 Web camera monitoring, alert push to mobile devices; Light up 365 nights is guaranteed. App control.

1,980 Circles

New lithium battery with latest power mangement system

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Project Cases

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